Oxygen Therapy is also called High Dose Oxygen Therapy (HDOT) or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

It involves breathing near pure oxygen through a mask generally in a pressurised chamber where the pressure is set at either 1.25 Atmospheres (ATA), 1.5 ATA, 1.75 ATA or a maximum of 2 ATA. The right pressure depends on your condition and is tailored to suit your needs.

We are enormously proud that the majority of 50 member centres operate their own, on-site, oxygen chambers to the highest standards of safety and regulation.

Treatment usually consists of an initial course of around 20 sessions, each lasting an hour, spread over one month. Our member centres are experienced at providing Oxygen Therapy not only for people diagnosed with MS but for a variety of other neurological conditions and also, increasingly, the symptoms of Long Covid.

To find out more information and confirm if Oxygen Therapy is right for you please contact your nearest therapy centre.

'A few days after being discharged from a stroke ward, I read a research report about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for stroke patients....Breathing pure oxygen... makes me happy, keeps me fit....'

Man in mask