MS Therapies Overview

Each centre offers a different range of therapies and services to people living with MS.  In addition, more and more centres are opening their doors to people with other conditions.  This may be limited to neurological conditions or may also include non-neurological conditions such as cancer and diabetic ulcers.  Since MS is the central focus of most of our member centres, decisions regarding which, if any, therapies should be made available to people with conditions other than MS are taken by the individual centres.  These decisions take into account centre capacity, demand and, critically, the view of the current membership.

Should you wish to find out if a centre is able to offer services to people with non-MS conditions, please contact the centre directly. 

You can find out more about individual services by clicking the links below - please note that not all services are available at all centres, and some centres may offer additional services that are not detailed on this site. 

Cost of treatments and services

Due to the different ways in which Centres operate, the cost of accessing services can vary.  The majority of our Member Centres operate on a donation basis and most will advise a suggested donation amount for each treatment.  

Please contact your nearest Centre to find out about specific cost and donation arrangements.


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