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Drop-in Centre 

The MS therapy centres provide a welcoming, friendly, understanding environment where everyone is affected by MS (or other, similar conditions) in some way. For those who are not very mobile, their visits to their local centre are a regular outing where they see friends, have some banter and social chat and perhaps a snack. Others who are still working and looking after families have space to relax and enjoy their therapy, and take time out from the anxieties and stress of coping with their condition.

Centres are able to help clients in different ways. Some operate a minibus service to help people get to the centre. Many have food available, and organise activities. Some can offer personal care, allowing the carer to have some respite for a few hours. Note that not all centres can do these: contact your local centre to find out more.

Support & Counselling

Sometimes more than friendliness and support is required, as MS can cause much distress to both the person affected and their family and carers. An increasing number of MS therapy centres are offering face-to-face counselling to those affected by MS to help them deal with the impact of the disease.

Confidential counselling provided by a professional at an MS therapy centre provides time and space for individuals affected by MS to explore their feelings and concerns. Sessions are held with the same counsellor for as long as they continue to be helpful. They usually take place once a week or fortnight and last for one hour. Counselling sessions provide a safe, calm and non-judgmental environment where problems can be discussed and addressed.

Not all therapy centres offer this service, however. Confidential telephone counselling is available from the MS Society and MS-UK, with people who have direct experience of MS.

Cost of counselling and mental wellbeing services

Due to the different ways in which Centres operate, the cost of accessing services can vary. The majority of our Member Centres operate on a donation basis and most will advise a suggested donation amount for each treatment.

Please contact your nearest Centre to find out about specific cost and donation arrangements.


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