Many Centres are able to offer Counselling services. These can be offered for short and long term durations, differing depending on the individual Centre and their service availability. Counselling can take different forms depending on your needs and what type of therapy may be suitable.



Our Centres may provide one off counselling sessions or a block of pre-booked sessions. 

This is what one of the clients of the South West MS Therapy Centre said about having the opportunity to talk about their diagnosis and wellbeing:

“Whilst the therapies provided at the South West MS Therapy Centre are invaluable in managing MS, the value of just being in a room with others in the same position, physically, mentally and emotionally, can't be overstated.”

Please contact a member centre near you directly to make a booking.

Further information on counselling and its benefits can be found from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.