Hannah, 35, was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2011. Here she tells us about the difference that regular oxygen treatment has made to her.

'I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in 2011, although with hindsight I've probably had it since 1997.

When I first discovered the Nottingham Oxygen Centre, and for the first 6 months of attending, I struggled to get to one P3 [1.75 atmospheres absolute (ata)] session a week. Slowly I managed to build up to twice a week at P3. After 18 months I tried increasing to P4 [2 ata] and although I hadn't expected to notice much of a difference I did. I'm currently trying to increase to three times a week to limit the usual decline I see over winter.

I started out with severe ME/CFS, was mainly bedbound and was lucky to leave the house once a week for a small food shop or to get to an appointment, 10 on Dr Bell's Severity scale. 2 1/3 years later and I've improved to more moderate 20 on Dr Bell's and have a much better quality of life. I can listen to music again, watch the odd TV show on my smartphone, make it to appointments before lunchtime and even attend the odd social event. Going from 10 to 20 may not sound impressive but it's easily double what I could do before I started.

With regards to pain, I don't know if [oxygen treatment] helps this as weekly massage has had the biggest impact on this, but I think it is likely to be helping.

There are a few small changes I've made here and there to things like diet & supplements, but the bulk of my improvement has been down to regular oxygen treatment. It's a gradual process and you only notice the difference initially when you don't go, or compare what you can do now to a number of months ago, year on year.

I notice the difference if I only go once a week.'

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