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About the Therapies

Between them the centres offer around 40 different services and therapies, including oxygen treatment, physiotherapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, hair-dressing and yoga.

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Our members area includes briefing papers on common issues, information from Open Meetings and access to the Members Forum.

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About the Centres

There are over 50 independent therapy centres across the UK offering therapies and support to people affected by MS.

MS National Therapy Centres

There are over 50 independent MS therapy centres in the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar. The first was founded in Dundee in 1982, and since then many more have been set up by people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their carers, with the original motto:

"self-help is our way of action"

The centres provide therapies and support to people with MS. Therapies include oxygen treatment, physiotherapy, massage, and tailored exercise classes such as yoga and pilates, while a range of support is available, from general drop-in chats to counselling to dietary advice. Some centres provide dance classes, and others can offer hairdressing. Each MS therapy centre is an individual charity which relies on dedicated volunteers and donors who give freely of their time and money to help people with MS. A high proportion of centre directors/trustees are people affected by MS.

The centres stand together and support each other through membership of MS National Therapy Centres, a charity registered in England & Wales and Scotland.

There are estimated to be at least 100,000 people with MS in the UK, and more than 15,000 people use the MS therapy centres each week.

MS National Therapy Centres PO Box 2199, Buckingham, MK18 8AR

Tel: 01296 711699 • Email: info@msntc.org.uk

Registered charity in England & Wales no. 1031690 and in Scotland no. SC043250